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Post by Diamond Gemstone on Fri Jul 25, 2014 1:51 am

( I have authorization to use the character "Opal Gemstone" in use to create my character, "Diamond Gemstone", by the creator, Opal Gemstone. )

Name: Diamond Gemstone

Age: 12

Sex: Female

Affiliation: Neutral

Bearer: Yus! ( Yes, Yus )


Diamond Gemstone:
Diamond Gemstone Konach10
( Except she has longer twin-tails, which are black, and deep, chocolate brown eyes. )

( But When Going Out )

Out Of The House:
Diamond Gemstone Konach11

Personality Strengths: Diamond has a friendly charm about her, making it easy for her to put together some loyal friends. She also has a innocent demeanor, enabling her to SOMETIMES get what she wants, but this part of her is rare ( as she is never really innocent and more annoying ), and she isn't really aware of it herself.

Personality Weaknesses: Diamond is annoying. She can lose friends quickly if she soon doesn't learn how to keep her mouth shut. She also has a hard time understanding when situations are serious, and has an even harder time acknowledging others feelings. She also can't make up plans in quick, crucial moments- if she can make plans at all, and isn't very smart. She doesn't perceive sarcasm, either, and can do stupid things if a person uses it.

Diamond is also extremely sensitive, and is easy to make cry.

Physical Strengths: Diamond is pretty flexible and very fast, since she likes to run around and is very energetic. She doesn't care about her flexibility, and barely stretches, but has it anyway.

Physical Weaknesses: Diamond is almost as weak as her cousin ( Opal ). She couldn't lift a pound ( Figurative language, obviously. )


Diamond was born in America, mainly in Virginia, where life was peaceful and quiet. That did not do well with Diamond . She could not contain her jumpy, hyper-self, and ended up doing a lot of stupid things for attention and excitement. Like, messing with raccoons, bats, and other dangerous animals that got her into trouble.

When Diamond provoked a bear once, her family couldn't take it. Diamond escaped with only a happy, mischievous face ( and a few scratches here and there ), and they were forced to live somewhere else where Diamond couldn't misbehave, and moved to Massachusetts, where her family settled in nicely.

Fortunately, Diamond had friends in her school, and she played with them instead of the many deer that wandered about in their backyard. Diamond took a liking for a girl in her class that did not like talking to anyone. She was determined to change her into a chatty, excitable girl like her. Diamond hung out with her everyday, chipping some of the girl's shell off day by day. Well, that's how it seemed to Diamond .

Really, she was annoying the girl everyday. She was refraining snapping at Diamond's neck all the days Diamond talked to her because people were around. Finally, after a couple days, she cracked up, and let all the annoyance she had built up inside herself out at the end of the day.

Her words still burned into Diamond's brain, she spoke fiercely, "I don't care! I don't care about your stupid life at Missouri, or wherever you lived, okay?! ( Diamond had been talking about her days in Virginia ) I just want you to leave me alone! I know what you're trying to do! You're trying to change me! And it's not going to work! So shut up, and leave!" And she stomped out of the classroom.

Diamond cried her eyes out once that happened. She cried in the classroom all alone, her worst fear. Being alone and being insulted. She cried until her voice was no more than hiccups, and her eyes were red and swollen.

Ever since then, Diamond managed to keep her mouth shut. She smiled weakly at all of her friends trying to speak to her, obviously knowing something was wrong, but Diamond would never tell.

Diamond'sfamily had a nice amount of money that provided for the members of them, and was about to have even more when her mother, Lily Gemstone, found a nice job in Japan. This was a fairly long time from now, so Diamond had the chance to learn Japanese.

Diamond had said her goodbyes to her friends and made the best of it. On her last day of Massachusetts, she made up her mind. She wasn't going to be depressed all of one girl. She was going to do even more of what she did last time, except give it her all! Give it her 200%! Give it everything she had!

Diamond prayed, prayed with all her heart that maybe, just maybe, she could be non-fragile. A girl who could stand up to anything, and help people along the way who would rather not be helped. Help all those introverts out there.

But she needed a little push. She needed some help herself. She couldn't go through this alone! She was too weak. She needed a fire to spark the tinder inside her. She needed a buddy to agree with her, a friend that truly understood her...

And that was how Flint was born.

Diamond was super happy that her Shugo Chara was born, and that she wouldn't go through the hardships alone. She found it easier to cope with moving to Japan, and she successfully learned Japanese as well.

So, with a new start, Diamond found herself in Japan, in school, with a little fairy thing called a Shugo Chara, and she loved it.

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Post by Amu Hinamori on Fri Jul 25, 2014 10:36 am

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