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Post by Opal Gemstone on Thu Jul 24, 2014 8:33 am

Name: Opal Gemstone

Age: 12

Sex: Female

Affiliation: Evil Neutral (Cause she destroys X eggs and doesn't give a damn)

Bearer: Yes!


Opal Gemstone:
Opal Gemstone Konach10

(But when going out)

Going Out of The House:
Opal Gemstone Konach11

AKA - Black hair and brown eyes.

Personality Strengths: She is very smart and can get out of and come up with situations quicker than most.

Personality Weaknesses: She sucks at everything social related. Groups, working together, having a partner. And, she's easily fruterated and quite impatient.

Physical Strengths:

( Honestly, she is more of a brains person rather than a bronze person. )

She is a fast runner.

Physical Weaknesses:

She can't swim (She never learned), she can't climb, she can't jump high, she doesn't lift, and she doesn't have much strength.


Opal was born in America in Massachusetts. She lived within one of the peaceful parts in Massachusetts with her mother, Ruby Gemstone, and father, James Gemstone. Her father and mother had a full-time job at the same company, and they even worked together - supporting their little girl as much as they possible could, but they both made time for their small daughter through all of their hard work. She was raised like a normal child. The problem only started when the family had to move for business purposes while she was 6. That and there was a robbery nearby - only one person was injured, but that was enough to have the family hop away like a rabbit running from a pack of wolves and out of that neighborhood as if they were never there. Opal, obviously, lost all of her kindergarten friends of which she worked so hard to make. They were in kindergarten, so they had no idea how to keep in touch.

The family of 3 moved to California, which was seemingly a nice place! But, to Opal, it was too hot and it drove the child crazy! Though, that didn't stop her from making new friends! Then her mother and father got a big promotion. All three of them had to move when she was 8, this time for actual business purposes. They moved to Maine - which they heard was a very peaceful place. Opal tried to make friends, but now understood that if she did so, she'd just move again and lose them all. So, Opal didn't bother. Without friends, Opal considered herself more stronger, powerful, mature, and smarter than the rest.

One day, her parent's suggested that their daughter speak more than one language, while Opal was still at the age of 8. They literally just decided this. They encouraged Opal to learn Japanese, her father's native language. Opal was up for the challenge and within years of studying with a private tutor, she actually learned the language. She spoke fluent Japanese. But, because of that encounter with the language and seeing how proud her mother and father were when she did learn it, she decided she was going to learn Russian - but, decided she was going to learn it later in her life.

Even though Opal had no social skills, she did join any mathematical, scientific, creative writing, and/or drawing clubs she could find in the schools while she was around 9. One day, Opal stepped on a scale in her bathroom, looked down, and decided she needed to join Cross Country - like almost every other girl in the world. Even though it was so much more work than any of the academic clubs she had taken, she powered through all the physical work. Nevertheless, she kept in check of her grades and mental work.

Before her siblings were born, Opal got extremely lonely. She slightly yearned for a friend in her heart, but refused to admit it or gain one. One night, she wished friends could magically appear. She wished person would talk to her as if they were under her spell. She wished that life was simply a fantasy. She wished that she was the center of attention in the big wide world, that a good witch would dress her up and have a prince take her away from her lonely abyss! She was only in her mid-9s when she hoped for these things, so she didn't know better. Eventually, her Shugo Chara, Witcha, showed up. But, evidently, her Shugo Chara, Witcha didn't make much progress. Opal's been forced to go magic tricks, talk to people, catch their attention. She simply refused to make friends!

Between all of these trips, while Opal was in her early 10s, Opal managed to get three younger siblings. Triplets, in fact, - two girls and a boy. Tourmaline, Citrine, and Onyx - the boy. Opal was glad to have them around - seeing them as a way to encounter more social activity in the future when they could talk and walk - other than the crying and pooping! But, she took care of those things because, again, her parents were never home, but they where rich enough to have maids by now! She was naturally good with kids after her experience with babies, though, she grew to be easily frustrated. Deeming her as impatient.

The family of six moved from city to city to county to county until they moved to Japan. Her father and mother promised they would permanently stay there when she was 12 and they did so, but by then Opal had lost almost all of her social skills and still didn't bother to get them back or make new friends. Now, she focuses on studies and her siblings (They're 3 years old).

(The history took me 2 hours XD! And I colored it just because!)

(Edit: ... And I forgot to mention how she got her Shugo Chara... =.= )
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Post by Amu Hinamori on Thu Jul 24, 2014 7:18 pm

Woohoo~ This is a pretty good app~


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