Flint (Diamond Gemstone's Guardian Character)

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Flint (Diamond Gemstone's Guardian Character) Empty Flint (Diamond Gemstone's Guardian Character)

Post by Diamond Gemstone on Fri Jul 25, 2014 2:26 am

Name: Flint

Represents: Insensitive-ness

Sex: Female


Flint ( Guardian Sized ):
Flint (Diamond Gemstone's Guardian Character) Konach14
( Her tails are also one fire. )

Flint ( Human-Sized:
Flint (Diamond Gemstone's Guardian Character) Konach13
( No, she's not human-sized. No Guardian-Character is. It's just so you can perceive her a bit better than the Chibi verison of her. )

Character Change: Diamond becomes tougher, you could say. She's not very nice, but friendly in a rough way. Like, being friends will a bully that just became a non-bully. Diamond becomes less giddy and doesn't trust much people. Diamond wears a bracelet that's literally made of stone as well.

Personality: Flint has a manner that makes her come off as someone who would rather not trust you. She doesn't ask for favors, and doesn't do them either. Everything is unworthy to her, and she overprotective of Diamond.

1. Keeping Diamond away from the wrong people.
2. Keeping Diamond in check, so she doesn't do the something that might get her in serious trouble. ( If any trouble at all. )
3. She has a good feeling that someone is lying. Her gut almost never fails her.

1. If there's someone that is actually entirely honest, Flint will maybe never believe them. She believes no one unless it comes from Diamond. And sometimes, even that's not enough.
2. She's sometimes wrong about people lying. Though, she rarely is.
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Flint (Diamond Gemstone's Guardian Character) Empty Re: Flint (Diamond Gemstone's Guardian Character)

Post by Amu Hinamori on Fri Jul 25, 2014 10:44 am

Approved because Chibi Ran~

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