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Amulet Diamond (Amu) Empty Amulet Diamond (Amu)

Post by Amu Hinamori on Thu Jan 03, 2013 7:36 pm

Name: Amulet Diamond

Transformed with Dia

Amulet Diamond (Amu) -amulet_diamond-

Passive Abilities: Amu gains a flight ability.

Active Abilities:
Starlight Navigation: Amu creates her microphone. The microphone then shoots out a yellow spiral. The spiral grabs an object, and Amu can move it any way. She can't keep the hold for long.

Twinkle Shield: Amu creates a shield of light, blocking one attack, but can only be used once per transformation.

Shooting Star Shower: Amu fires off 6 shooting stars at quick speeds, each doing quite a bit of damage.

Twinkle Hold: Amu can create a large veil over an object, trapping it like a net.

Weaknesses: Amulet Diamond is a despiration form. In this form, Amu's stats are lowered on the ground.
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