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Post by Amu Hinamori on Thu Jan 03, 2013 4:01 pm

Hello, and welcome to Shugo Chara: Mystery Tides.  This is a fun place where you can side with three groups; Easter, Seiyo Academy, or the Shadow Emissary, or do your own thing.  Whether or not you wield a weapon or have a Guardian Character by your side, we want you to have a fun time here!  But wiht all fun are limits.  Rules are simple here.

  • No godmodding, autohitting, or metagaming.  Godmodding is doing actions that only a god could do, like dodging everything or one-shotting everything, or pulling something out of the blue that wasn't approved.  Metagaming is where you get information out of character (OoC) and use it in character (IC) without permission. Knowing someone via reputation (such as Monatome being the head of Easter) is okay so long as the information is publicly known IC.  Autohitting is, well, autohitting.  Your hits don't always land, and that's that.
  • You can have any number of accounts, but please PM an admin every time you create a new one so we can keep track of who's who.  The limit to this is that only one of those accounts can be a canon character, meaning from the manga/anime.
  • Swearing is okay every now and then, but don't swear almost every post.  We don't need a complete pottymouth around here.
  • No double posting.  If you have more to say, edit your old post.

Now, there are special rules here on the site about IC stuff.  This will apply to all characters of a certain type.

  • Guardian Characters can only be seen and heard by Character Bearers.  Those who choose to be Non-Bearers cannot see or hear them, unless you are a specific canon character or have special permission.  By "special permission" I mean, "If you PM me, it better be for a good reason."
  • Those who want to be in the Shadow Emissary cannot have a Guardian Character.  No exceptions.  To make up for this, Shadow Emissary members as well as Wanderers can have up to two powers.  If a Wanderer wants a power, though, they cannot have a Guardian Character
  • Character Bearers cannot make weapons.  They can Character Transform, no reason for them to be wielding a sword, too...unless transformation has said sword.
  • The only things that have the power to purify X Eggs are Amu with the Humpty Lock, Tadase using Platinum Heart with Amu, Nagihiko and Rima with Queen's Waltz, Utau using Angel's Cradle, or Rikka using Pure Feeling's attack.

Any other questions can be PMed to me or can be asked in the Admin's Corner.  Have fun, and welcome aboard!
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