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Character Rules and Template Empty Character Rules and Template

Post by Amu Hinamori on Thu Jan 03, 2013 4:22 pm

Character Creation Rules

  • You must make a separate account for each character you make and must PM an admin everytime you make a new character starting with your second character.
  • This is NOT where you make your Guardian Character.  That's in another area.
  • No Mary Sues or overpowered characters.  Everyone should be able to kick everyone's ass in a fight yet can still lose to anyone.  You aren't god.
  • If you fill out the Powers section, you are instantly a Non-Bearer.
  • Character Bearers must be age 18 or below.  Your character must be at least 8 years old.
  • Everyone is a human.  No nekos, I'm afraid.  If you wanna be another Ikuto, make a neko-like Guardian Character.
  • Fill out the template below and post it in its own topic.  Then wait for approval.
  • Custom characters cannot have canon characters in their history.  The also cannot have characters from another game/anime/series.
  • If you edit your app, you must bump it so an admin or moderator can check on it, preferably mentioning what you added/edited.


Name: (Name of Character)

Age: (Your Character's Age)

Sex: (Male/Female)

Affiliation: (Good or Evil?  Lawful, Neutral, or Chaotic?)

Bearer: (Do you have Guardian Character(s) or not?)

Description: (What does your character look like?  Putting a picture in a spoiler tab is acceptable)

Personality Strengths: (What is your character strong in personality-wise?)

Personality Weaknesses: (Where in personality does you character lack?  Character Bearers must have at least one thing here)

Physical Strengths: (Your Character's physical strengths)

Physical Weaknesses: (Your Character's physical weaknesses)

Powers: (Non-Bearers can have up to two powers.  Please no godmodding powers.)

History: (Your Character's background story.  Please try hard here.)
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