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Post by Akuma Oni on Mon Jul 28, 2014 9:15 pm

Name: Akuma Oni

Age: 16

Sex: Female

Affiliation: Chaotic Evil

Bearer: Yes


Akuma Oni 1:
Akuma Oni (Unfinished) Inori_yuzuriha_guilty_crown_render_7_by_bigbang27-d5wngts

Akuma Oni 2:
Akuma Oni (Unfinished) Konach10

Personality Strengths: Akuma is strictly quiet. She doesn't get to close to people and doesn't reveal secrets. She also has a good memory and is great with strategic situations.

Personality Weaknesses: She doesn't work well with others, she hates almost everyone she crosses by, and she thinks very badly and lowly of others. She also loves to watch people suffer and watch them in pain.

Physical Strengths: She has great strength, defense, and stamina.

Physical Weaknesses: She hates to run, not doing it often, so she's slow.

Powers: (Non-Bearers can have up to two powers.  Please no godmodding powers.)

1. A dark purple and black hot goo or light can shoot from her hands. It is very very hot.
2. She can summon a shied which seems like air, but isn't.


Akuma was born inside of a wealthy family! She last the second to last out of all of the 4 children of which she lived with, along with her mother and father. Both Akuma and her siblings studied hard, but found time to play outside and enjoy their childhood while it lasted. Though, this was dangerous because her mother and father ran a very important company, so they were always around guards when they were younger.

One night, her mother and father lost almost half of their money from going drunk and gambling. That night was one of her siblings birthday, so they had decided to celebrate because he was then old enough to drink. Akuma and her siblings, except for that brother, were told to go to bed early and so they did so - She was only 7. They had no idea they were out gambling.

Sooner or later, the family were unable to afford guards to protect their children. Instead, they were home-schooled and not allowed to play outside. This rule was followed until one of her siblings did go out. She was eventually kidnapped. Their parents had to pay a lot of money to get her back. But in the end, she died.

Now, her parents work 5 times as hard with the company until they climbed their way back to rich-dom! Though, it wasn't quite the same without Akuma's sister. Since her mother had to go on a trip, she left, but it was soon going to be Akuma's birthday. Akuma, being only 8, pleaded for her mother to come back early, and her mother did... Or tried. The mother got into a plane crash while going back on her daughter's request.

She knew it wasn't her all her fault, but her siblings and father didn't think so - but they tired to hide it. "It wasn't your fault" and "It was the driver's fault" and "Don't blame yourself!" They sprinkled a salty truth with sugar lie to make it sweet and not salty, so it would go down better. AKA, they told her lies instead of the truth so she could handle it better. This was yet another loss to grieve. Sooner or later, she started to hate everyone and became quite hostile.

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Akuma Oni
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