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Easter's Employees Empty Easter's Employees

Post by Monatome on Tue Feb 12, 2013 8:42 pm

This is where you post if you want to join Easter.  Easter is in to collecting X Eggs and trying to get the Embryo out of hdiing.

  • You cannot be a complete goody two-shoes to join the company. Maybe a little but not completely.
  • You can be any age to join Easter.
  • We accept both Character Bearers and Non-Bearers
  • All employees must obey orders from Director Monatome
  • There are two paths you can take in Easter, the Business Path, and the Entertainment Path
  • You go up in ranks when the Director or Co-Director says so.  You'll start at the bottom, always.

Business Path:

  • Director: Monatome
  • Co-Directors: N/A
  • Managers: N/A
  • District Bosses: N/A
  • Grade 1 Workers: N/A
  • Grade 2 Workers: N/A

Entertainment Path:

  • Superstars: N/A

  • Music Stars: N/A

  • Television Stars: N/A

  • Idol Stars: N/A

  • Grade 1 Newbies: N/A
    (Depending on what you do in this branch, you will become a Music Star, a Television Star, or an Idol Star.  All three lead to being a Superstar)

  • Grade 2 Newbies: N/A

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