Character Transformation Rules and Template

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Character Transformation Rules and Template Empty Character Transformation Rules and Template

Post by Amu Hinamori on Thu Jan 03, 2013 5:07 pm

  • If you are a Non-Bearer, you cannot have a Character Transformation.
  • You may only have one Character Transformation per Guardian Character.  No exceptions.  Because of this rule, Amu cannot transform into Amulet Fortune and Ikuto cannot transform into Seven Seas Treasure.
  • You may not transform with somebody else's Guardian Character.  Because of this rule, Amu cannot become Amulet Angel and Amulet Devil, and Utau cannot become Dark Jewel.
  • As Character Transformations are made to be as imaginative as possible, they still cannot godmod.  So be careful what you put as the abilities as well as how you use them.
  • Fill out the template below and wait for approval.
  • If you edit your app, you must bump it so an admin or moderator can check on it, preferably mentioning what you added/edited.

Name: (Name of Chara Nari)

Transformed with (Insert Guardian Character Name here)

Description: (What does the form look like?  Be descriptive please.)

Passive Abilities: (Name the abilities that are always active, somewhat like enchantments.)

Active Abilities: (Name the attacks and abilities you can do in this form.)

Weaknesses: (Name your Character Transformation's weaknesses.)
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