Shugo Chara: Mystery Tides Main Plot

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Shugo Chara: Mystery Tides Main Plot Empty Shugo Chara: Mystery Tides Main Plot

Post by Amu Hinamori on Thu Jan 03, 2013 4:58 pm

Because we need something to do.
After the plans for Death Rebel were ruined, Amu and the others enjoyed the rest of their time at Seiyo Academy.  At the same time, Guardian Characters became more frequent as more people began to dream of who they wanted to be. This sparked a few problems. The first was Easter, who decided to start hunting the Embryo again. And where there's Easter, there's broken dreams. Most of the Guardians also suddenly vanished as well.  And where the old amusement park stood in town is now where a dark fort looms. These supernatural people want to destroy Guardian Characters, to crush dreams with no cause. Three sides, three different types of people. Who will get the egg of dreams first? Will you help them?
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