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Post by Amu Hinamori on Thu Jan 03, 2013 4:33 pm

Here is the list of Canon Characters up for grabs. If yours is not on the list, PM me and I'll throw it up there.

Amu Hinamori TAKEN
Yaya Yuiki Avaliable
Tadase Hotori Avaliable
Nagihiko Fujisaki Avaliable
Rima Mashiro Avaliable
Kukai Souma Avaliable
Kairi Sanjo Avaliable
Yuu Nikaidou Avaliable
Utau Hoshina Avaliable
Ikuto Tsukiyomi Avaliable
Lulu de Morcief Avaliable
Tsukasa Amakawa Avaliable
Rikka Hiiragi Avaliable
Hikaru Ichinomiya Avaliable
Amu Hinamori
Amu Hinamori

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