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Post by Opal Gemstone on Sun Jul 27, 2014 3:03 pm

Opal walked out of a bookstore, with two big brown bags full of only books. She was going to start to read them immediately! She scouted the place to find a place to sit!

"Why did you only buy books? What about Magic Trick Thingies or maybe ice cream and sweets like normal people?" Witcha complained at Opal, popping her head out of one of the brown shopping bags.

"Because, I'm not a normal person." Opal shot right back at Witcha with a fake smile that said, "Be-Quiet-Or-No-Dinner-For-You" before finding walking to a bench.

"Whaaaa? You're going to start right now? Why not when you get home? Or when tomorrow happens, or even yesterday!?" Witcha continued to complain because she was hungry. Hunger made her make no sense. "Or maybe even go shopping for Magic Trick Thingies." She repeated, too hungry to notice or care.

Opal sighed, "Fine. How about we grab something to eat and then head home?" Opal tried to stop her chara from complaining further more. Sometimes, she could barely stand Witcha. Witcha instantly flew out of the bag of books and into a cafe, of which looked like they served a lot of good sweets, through a door someone opened to get in. Opal shook her head slightly and followed Witcha.
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