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Amulet Spade (Amu) Empty Amulet Spade (Amu)

Post by Amu Hinamori on Thu Jan 03, 2013 6:51 pm

Name: Amulet Spade

Transformed with Miki

Amulet Spade (Amu) Amulet_spade_paintbrush

Passive Abilities: Amu becomes more flexible in this form. She also resists music attacks.

Active Abilities:
Weapons: Amu can summon a paintbrush that's taller than herself or a conductor's baton. These can be swung at foes.

Colorful Canvas: Amu can shoot out of her paintbrush either a glob of damaging paint or small wave of damaging paint.

Prism Music: Amu can use her baton to shoot out a stream of music notes that hurt the foe.

Weaknesses: Amu's speed drops slightly in this form.
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