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Post by laura671 on Thu Jul 24, 2014 8:48 pm

Age: 8

Sex: Female

Affiliation: Good

Bearer: yes

Kira Miyazaki 21218-anime-paradise-cute-anime-girl
Personality Strengths: (What is your character strong in personality-wise?)

Personality Weaknesses: Kira is quick at changing characters mostly because she has many. At times she can be shy. She has a hard time controling her temper.

Physical Strengths: sports, mostly volleyball. fast runner. Swift

Physical Weaknesses: Has a tendency to scarp herself often...

Powers: (Non-Bearers can have up to two powers.  Please no godmodding powers.)

Kira was born into a family that did not stand out specifically, considering her father worked for a small business and her mother was always at home taking care of her and her baby sister. At a young age she was taught how to do many sports and how to stay in shape. She is a forced to be a healthy eater who should reject any kinds of sweets.
She is a nervous child who will refuse to make any sorts of friends she meets at any time. Since she recently moved to a new elementary school, nobody really notices her, even if she does have 3 guardian charas.
She first gave birth to Prim, her sporty and athletic side which mainly directs to volleyball, her favorite sport. Second she gave to Grace, her side focusing towards the fine arts, mostly music and singing. Thirdly she gave birth to Kat, her swift and fast side which takes the form cat rebel.
Currently she is trying very hard to hide her charas from everyone.

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Kira Miyazaki Empty Re: Kira Miyazaki

Post by Amu Hinamori on Thu Jul 24, 2014 8:56 pm

Welcome aboard ^^


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