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Which Witch? (Opal Gemstone) Empty Which Witch? (Opal Gemstone)

Post by Opal Gemstone on Thu Jul 24, 2014 10:01 am

Name: Which Witch?

Transformed with Witcha


Which Witch?:
Which Witch? (Opal Gemstone) Konach12 Except, you know, less bust! XD! And her hair si still black and her eyes are still brown

Passive Abilities: Runs slightly faster, when she falls, she doesn't take as much damage, and she jumps slightly higher. Also, cats seem to be very attracted to her.

Active Abilities:

Which Witch is Which? Which is the Real Witch? - Opal can make an exact copy of herself, but the duplicate only lasts exactly five minutes, unless the duplicate is hit. Once five minutes is up or the doppelganger is hit, it turns into a pink smoke before disappearing. They are only used to distract, not to attack.

Bashful Beam - This attack is a pink lazer that comes out of the tip of her wand. Depending on her feelings, it can be quite strong. But, when used, it is just a small beam than burns people.

A Broom is a Witch's Best Friend - She summons a broom of which can fly. It can last as long as she can have it last. Though, it does drain her energy bit by bit.

Keen Kitties Katch KittyFish - She can summon up to 6 black cats, which are the sizes of dogs. They do what she says until they are gone. They last around 10 minutes before poofing into pink smoke.

Witch's Charm Wand - She needs this wand to cast spells. It looks exactly like a twig!

Cats seem to distract her by going near her.
She has to say all of her attacks, other than Bashful Beam. This gives the enemy more time to attack.
Opal Gemstone
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Which Witch? (Opal Gemstone) Empty Re: Which Witch? (Opal Gemstone)

Post by Amu Hinamori on Thu Jul 24, 2014 7:19 pm

Huh. Prettier than I remember.


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