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Post by Amu Hinamori on Thu Jan 03, 2013 6:00 pm

Name: Amu Hinamori

Age: 12

Sex: Female

Affiliation: Lawful Neutral

Bearer: Yes

Amu Hinamori Amu

Personality Strengths: Amu is one to help those in need, and is able to hide behind a "cool-and-spicy" personality if needed, mostly when she's being stubborn or hiding something. She will brush past any obstacle if determined.

Personality Weaknesses: Amu will sometimes doubt what she can do and may give up easy because of it. She does not now who she wants to be and therefore can fall into traps involving that trait easily.

Physical Strengths: Jack-of-all-trades

Physical Weaknesses: Jack-of-all-trades

Powers: N/A

History: Amu was a girl who moved to Seiyo Academy near the end of 4th grade. Afraid she wouldn't have any friends, she hid behind a "cool-and-spicy" personality, and was treated as cool because of it. That made Amu fear how everyone would react to her acting different. So for awhile, she hid behind that personality, until one day she couldn't take it. Amu prayed to her guardian angel ro be reborn as someone who could wear a girly pink dress instead of being "cool-and-spicy" all the time. When Amu woke up the next day, she had given birth to three Guardian Eggs. The first egg with a Heart hatched into Ran, who taught Amu abuot the Guardian Characters. Later that day, Miki, the Guardian Character from the Spade egg, was also born. Miki ran away, and when Amu and ran caught up to her, Miki explained how Guardian Characters would go away if their bearer didn't believe in them. Amu felt bad and said she believed them a bit, which cheered up the spirits of Ran and Miki.

Later, she was asked to join the Seiyo Academy Guardians. Amu went to the Royal Garden and learned that each of the Guardians, which were Tadase, Yaya, Nadeshiko, and Kukai, each had their own Guardian Character. Her "cool-and-spicy" personality got to her and she turned them down. Nadeshiko tried pursuading Amu with gifts, but Amu turned her down. At a later assembly, she learned that they signed her up anyways for the Joker chair! What Amu didn't know was how special the Joker's chair was. She was gifted with the Humpty Lock, and had learned to use it to Character Transform, as well as use the lock to purify X Eggs! It had been an exilerating adventure for her. Su was born from her 3rd egg, which had a clover on it. She had made rivals of pop singer Utau Hoshina and battled Easter Corporation, who were extracting X Eggs to hunt for the wishing egg known as the Embryo. She had given birth to a 4th egg, who hatched into Dia, the mysterious Guardian Character. Afterwards she happily helped the Guardians in their new endeavors, all while trying to discover who she wanted to be.
Amu Hinamori
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